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Thanks to a wide and distributed network of award winning partners; professional design, architecture and engineering businesses, World Design Consortium has collective expertise in all design fields and practices without exceptions. With tens of thousands of realized projects in almost every single country, and a likewise number of design, engineering and architecture professionals working at distinct WDC Partners, any type of innovative work could be executed with uttermost professionalism and creativity. Do take our word for it; checkout the WDC portfolio.

Cloudy Tea
Silhouette Collection
Lofoten Water
Villafound Jade Hotel Lijiang
Horticultural Expo 2019
Bed of Roses
Embossed Nutella



World Design Consortium has members from the following countries: United States of America, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Turkey, Italy, Japan, Great Britain, Germany, Iran, Brazil, India, Russian Federation, Republic of Korea, Greece, Singapore, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Australia, Mexico, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Lebanon, Malaysia, Finland, Egypt, Denmark, Kuwait, Bulgaria, Austria, Romania, Israel, Croatia, Uruguay, Sweden, Jordan, Philippines, Moldova, Thailand, Slovenia, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Argentina, Serbia, South Africa, Latvia, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Viet Nam, Indonesia, Norway, Estonia, Guatemala, Cyprus, Peru, Slovakia, Kyrgyzstan, Bangladesh, Chile, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Iceland, Sri Lanka, Colombia, Pakistan, Qatar, Faroe Islands, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Palestine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Tanzania, Macedonia, Oman, Albania, Swaziland, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Montenegro, Malta, Liechtenstein, Kosovo, Luxembourg, Armenia, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Cameroon and Kenya. Almost all WDC members are ranked top positions in the World Design Rankings meaning that WDC partners are architects, designers and engineers who push design forward to new levels.

World Design Consortium

World Design Consortium (WDC) is a group of award winning design, architecture and engineering companies that are working closely with manufacturers and service providers to successfully accomplish large-scale design tasks. WDC consists of thousands of design, architecture, engineering, manufacturing and service firms who are experts specialized in different design, architecture and engineering practices. WDC has offices and agents worldwide thanks to its non-centralized structure and wide network of solution providers.

World Design Consortium has five subdivisions: Architecture, Design, Engineering, Production and Service. Architecture, Design and Engineering divisions are part of WDC Research & Development department which is responsible for research, ideation, concept creation, prototype building and testing. WDC R&D Department accepts and undertakes both large and small-scale projects from an international corporate consumer base who wish to develop new products, constructs, services and systems. Production and Services divisions are part of the WDC Prototyping and Realization department which undertakes large-scale works (budgets > 10 million USD).

Corporations and institutions hire WDC for creating new designs, marketing, engineering and architecture solutions that are functional, profit-generating and inspiring. Thanks to its multi-disciplinary, varied and international partner structure, WDC is able to design any type and any size of design project at any location worldwide. For larger scale projects, WDC is also able to realize, build and apply the generated solutions directly through production and service partners



WDC has 2 departments and 5 main subdivisions. The two WDC Departments are the Research & Development Department and Prototyping & Realization Department. The five divisions are Architecture Division, Design Division, Engineering Division, Production Division and Service Division.  Each division further consists of sub-offices and units. Units are highlighted based on their specializations and partners. Units are made of highly specialized partner clusters who are able to deliver design solutions efficiently.

WDC R&D Department is made of Architecture, Design and Engineering Divisions. Architecture division is divided into two distinct offices: Urban Architecture and Building Architecture. Design division is divided into four offices: Industrial Design, Strategic Design, Service Design and Communication Design. Engineering division is divided into three offices: Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering.

Each office consists of multiple units which are further specialized in distinct design solutions. For example the WDC Communication Design Office, has units specialized in: Graphics Design,  Animation, Creative Writing, Packaging Design and Advertising disciplines. Units are made of clusters of partners who are experts in such fields.  Each partner has been especially chosen among award winning designers, architects and engineers within the industry; WDC Partners are the best design solution providers you could afford.

Partners are further specialized in distinct design tasks and industries. For example consider the Design Divisions’ Communication Design Office which lists several partners for Packaging Design Unit. Among WDC's Communication Design Office Partners, you will find partners who strictly focus on food packaging, while others could be experts for designing packaging for electronics, and some partners would perhaps even focus on bulk or pro-packaging, luxury packaging or display-packaging.

Since most of the WDC partners are highly specialized in their design niches, the WDC Secretariat provides a unique project management solution through formation of sub-consortia for multi-disciplinary tasks such as creation of new brands, artificially build cities, or product-service solutions are possibilities. The sub-consortiums are carefully formed to bring designers, artists, architects, engineers or other academics, companies and professionals to ensure the best outcome for clients.

The subdivided structure of the World Design Consortium allows each design, architecture and engineering task to be designed by the best of the best in the field. WDC secretariat will always forward the design tasks inquiries to the most specialized unit and partners, ensuring efficiency through specialization. This approach enables WDC to deliver design solutions that are highly accurate and fast. Since each partner is highly specialized for a particular task, results are delivered faster and solutions are also cost effective when compared to other multi-nationals. Most WDC projects are designed by senior partners who are extremely specialized in particular tasks or the sub-consortiums.

In addition to highly specialized partners and solution units, WDC also has very large, multi-national design, architecture and engineering companies as senior partners. Large-Scale design tasks could therefore be undertaken by either larger WDC partners, or such tasks could be distributed to multiple specialized partners and units i.e. the sub-consortiums.  Furthermore, through industry partnerships, solutions that were designed could also be realized, prototyped, constructed or applied.


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