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Members of WDC are professional and enterprise design, architecture and engineering solution providers who are award winning, leading experts in their fields. Private entities, companies, institutions, design, engineering or architecture associations and large enterprises are accepted as members upon careful valuation of their profiles, product and service portfolios. WDC Secretariat will decide about final admission of applicants, and will assign one of three partner statuses depending on the qualifications as required in WDC Bylaws.

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Application Process for Partner Status

Partners are design, engineering and architecture solution providers, or large companies or enterprises who could deliver turn-key solutions, or institutions or associations who would provide consultancy services within fields of design, engineering and architecture. There are two ways to apply to become a WDC Member. First, you can submit a membership application. You must request the Membership Application Form through the WDC Secretariat. The direct-application fee for WDC Membership is set at five-hundred euros for Creative Partners, five thousand euros for Senior Partners and fifty thousand euros for Leading Partners. There are no yearly fees involved. Alternatively, you can apply through A’ Design Award & Competition, if and only if, you are a platinum or gold award winner, or if your project would be featured. Application through A’ Design Award & Competition is endorsed by WDC, and there are neither application fees nor yearly fees involved. The duty of a WDC Partner is to bid on any design, engineering or architecture projects which the Partner is interested by responding to price quote requests from WDC Secretariat, the WDC Agents and other Partners. Partners must be able to complete their projects on time and within the budged limitations imposed. Partners must remember to tip Agents or other Partners who provide business leads that turn into real value.

Application Process for Agent Status

Agents are companies who outsource or help outsource design, engineering and architecture related jobs for their clients. Agent role is defined in WDC Bylaws as those who find business leads and pass to our partners. There are three different agent status are available. These are: Creative (Private Entities), Senior (Businesses) and Leading (Large Enterprises or Associations). Applications must be made through the World Design Consortium Secretariat. For agents, there are no application fees; however there are yearly membership fees which are paid in advance. To apply to become an Agent, to earn commission from large scale design, architecture and engineering tasks, please contact the WDC Secretariat. The first duty of a WDC Agent is to locate either a buyer  of design services. Another specific duty of the agent is to contact numerous parties responsible for the possible purchase design services. An agent must also be able to negotiate on behalf of their client during design projects. All agents will be provided a platform where they could receive bids for requests they posted. Agents could be required to meet with clients to determine project scope, and must be able to write design, engineering or architecture briefs. By becoming a WDC Agent, you can tap into the WDC Resources, most importantly be able to get price quotes from the Worlds’ leading design, engineering and architecture companies.


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