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Consultancy & Realization

World Design Consortium provides both consultancy and realization for design, engineering and architecture activities through its Partners in seven continents.  Your request will be directed to the WDC Secretariat who would respond you promptly. Please kindly note that, if you are requesting a price quote or consultancy services, your contact information and request will further be forwarded to the relevant Partners. If you wish to contact the Secretariat direcly, mail to: 



WDC can arrange famous designers from any country of choice including but not limited to Italy, France, United States and Germany. You can use the designers name to market your products. This means more sales.


WDC can arrange prominent designers to come to your company or factory, check or improve the products to make them more original and interesting. This means more original designs, you can join any trade fair with ease.


WDC can market your designs to worldwide magazines in their own languages, create series of events and buzz around your brand. This means international publicity and prestige, the ability to sell to all countries.


WDC can host your design team, interims, students or teachers and organize workshops and conference for inbound knowledge transfer to your institution. This means, your coworkers and students will get experience to use in your institutions.



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