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World Design Consortium, and WDC Partners are open to consultancy, construction, design and creativity management inquiries worldwide. We are looking forward for you to contact us for your design, engineering and architectural design needs, tenders or proposals. We are accepting business inquiries in four different segments: Big Projects, Enterprise, Commercial and Small Business. If you would like to apply for becoming a WDC partner, please refer to World Design Consortium Partnership pages. If you are a company who wish to represent WDC by becoming a WDC Agent, please apply for WDC Agency programs. For non-commercial contacts, scroll to the bottom of this page and contact our secretariat.

Dan Sultan Magnetic
Heaven Is a Place On Earth
Light Cube
Smog Free Project
Xinhua Bookstore Group Mixed-Use Project
Yukyu En
Float Rower
White Futura


Big Project Inquiries (Budgets > 10.000.000 USD)

Senior and Corporate WDC partners are available for design, architecture and engineering related tenders, ventures and projects in all countries. For "Big Project Inquiries", please fill our Consultancy Request Form. Choose between two options: Project Management or Inquiry Forwarding; You could contact and work with the partners directly or ask WDC to mediate and manage the project. If you wish to contact the partner directly, there are no commissions or fees involved. If you decide to have WDC Manage the project, in this case WDC Secretariat will contact you by phone and meet you at your office with a pre-established group of solution providers within short notice. Prior to meeting, WDC will help formation of a sub-consortium specific for your project and will filter our database to help you meet the absolutely right solution providers. WDC takes 3% commission for mediating and managing tasks of this scale. Within this segment, the sub-consortium or solution providers will include large construction companies, big manufacturing companies, and world famous, renown design and architecture offices. All our partners are reliable established businesses, and there is absolutely no need for additional management or mediation, unless you need prior consultancy. However if you lack a design brief, or if you wish to have us prepare a design tender, we suggest to have WDC to manage and organize the project for better, faster results.

Enterprise Project Inquiries (Budgets > 100.000 USD)

WDC partners are available for enterprise level global design, architecture and engineering tasks and creativity related assignments in 97 countries. For "Enterprise Project Inquiries", please fill our Consultancy Request Form. Again, there are two options: managed work or simply inquiry forwarding. If you decide to have your inquiry forwarded, we will let the partner know about your interest. If you would ask WDC to manage and mediate the design task, in this case WDC Secretariat will contact you by phone and email. WDC will propose and introduce you to the right creatives, design studios, architecture offices and engineering companies. WDC takes 5% commission for mediating and managing such tasks. Within this segment, solution providers will consist of famous designers, artist and architects who have undertaken hundreds or dozens of similar tasks. Once again, we shall state that there is absolutely no need for WDC intervention when working with our partners, choose managed and mediated service only if you need prior help, or if your task requires significant project management and attendence. We also suggest to choose WDC as project manager and mediator, only if you have never ever worked with designers or design studios directly before.

Commercial Inquiries (Budgets > 10.000 USD)

World Design Consortium partners are available for commercial design jobs, proposals and deals worldwide. For this segment you have two options; you could fill our Consultancy Request Form or visit the BuySellDesign platform and click on the Buyers tab to procure commercial design services and intellectual properties. Remember to provide a solid brief through by typing in your design brief and stating your needs and project details. You will also be asked to provide an indicative budget, tentative timeframe and contact details for a better, faster response. By utilizing the BuySellDesign website, you could: Get a quote for your design projects, post a design tender to get multiple quotes and bids for larger design projects, find a good designer and design studio to undertake your design tasks, get design consulting or order managed design services to improve your businesses. To request price quotes and project bids for design, creativity and innovation visit: You will be able to reach senior designers, architects and engineers who have proven themselves numerous times via design accolades and dozens of completed projects. If you wish WDC to manage and mediate the service, there is an extra 10% commission; we suggest project mediation only if you have never worked with designers before, otherwise please request to contact our partners directly.

Small Business Inquiries (Budgets > 1.000 USD)

WDC Secretariat does not manage or mediate micro projects, however we would be glad to help you by relaying information regarding such tasks to our partners who might have the additional time. Please visit and register your design needs and brief to get a price quote for design. We will also post your brief to the International Association of Designers forums. You will be able to reach upcoming creative talents and innovators, who have already proven themselves through the power of their design concepts and realized works. There are no commissions involved.

Work with WDC

If you have an interest working for any of the WDC Partners, if you wish to find a design job where you could use your creative skills, or if you wish to sell design services, you should join the JobsDesigner platform. Through the JobsDesigner platform, please create your profile by uploading your CV and portfolio, showcasing your 20 best works. Please be reminded that designers that have less than 20 projects are not accepted. To apply for design jobs, visit:

Non-Commercial Contacts

For any specific inquiries regarding WDC partners, including press requests and media kits, partner-specific proposals and requests, please do kindly contact the WDC secretariat directly through email address; WDC Partner information and contact information is never shared with third-parties; your messages will be read by the secretariat and forwarded to the relevant WDC partners who could choose to reply or ignore your messages as they see fit. If your message is relevant, the WDC partner will contact your via your email address. When contacting the WDC secretariat, always include the relevant partner information, profile page or link.

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