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World Design Consortium is the perfect design solution provider for any enterprise, brand or government.


World Design Consortium have thousands of partners from across the globe, representing each country and each industry.


World Design Consortium partners have successfully finalized tens of thousands of projects, from airports to zoetropes.


World Design Consortium partners have won over 12.000 awards for art, design, architecture, innovation, creativity and engineering .


WDC Secretariat acts as an independent mediator to design clients and design providers for all WDC Design Tenders and projects.

WDC Partners

World’s leading designers, greatest artists, prominent architects and established design professionals, each highly specialized and professional in their respective industries. Displaying first 100, among thousands.

Good design is when you create great added value for both the producer and the consumer.
How We Work


World Design Consortium will help you work with the World's best designers, artists, architects, engineers and innovators. Here is an overview of how we approach each new project.


  • Client Interview
  • Gather Data and Insights
  • Analyze Research
  • Interpret Requirements
  • Create Design Strategy
  • Prepare Design Tender


  • Publish Call for Entries
  • Reach Out to Designers
  • Provide Secure Platform
  • Collect Design Bids
  • Evaluate and Score Bids
  • Prepare Presentation


  • Designer Selection
  • Design Contract
  • Project Supervision
  • Design Mediation
  • Translation and Support
  • Advertise Final Work

World Design Consortium Secretariat will help and assist you during the WDC Design Tender procedure to ensure your design goals are met and your design work finalized and detailed the best way possible.

UNMATCHED capabilities

World Design Consortium have thousands of partners, designers, artists, architects, engineers and innovators, each highly specialized in their own respective fields. We have the leading experts in each industry, in each design field.


Here are some projects that WDC partners have worked on.

K-Haler Inhaler Good Medical Product Design
Eagle Electric Kick Scooter Good Vehicle Design
Mozaik System Modulable Lamp Good Lighting Design
Memento Letter Opener Good Gift Design
Tre Modular Concrete Tile Series Good Building Components Design
Dishdrawerâ„¢ Drawer Dishwasher Good Appliance Design
Silhouette Collection Vase Good 3D Printing Design
Sostanza Lead Holder Good Gift Design
Efjord Cabin Good Architecture Design
Rising Moon Pavilion Good Architecture Design
Golden Moon Public Event Space Good Architecture Design
Playoho Art Pavilion Good Landscape Planning Design
Hopt Clean Soda Good Culinary Art Design
Soulspice Food Packaging Good Culinary Art Design
Black Bear Smoked Food Good Culinary Art Design
Ageloc Me Customized Skin Care System Good Cosmetic Product Design
Miller's Batch Brand Packaging Good Culinary Art Design
Insect Sculptures Advertising Good Photography Design
Delacon Dandelion Playful Interface Good Interface Design
Robot Artwork Good Art Design
Lifewtr Series 1 Bottle Graphics Good Packaging Design
Plates Visual Communication Good Photography Design
Blue Paradise Retail Vm Good Event Design
Effingut Brewerkz Restaurant and Bar Good Hospitality Design
Pepsico Nspire Mobile Kitchen Good Event Design
Biologic Self-Transforming Biological Skin Good Wearable Technology Design
Tofana Hotel Good Hospitality Design
Dab Ecg Holter Patch Good Wearable Technology Design
Traces Womenswear Collection Good Fashion Design
Horizon Footwear Good Footwear Design
Isi Pendant Jewel Good Jewelry Design
Floh Travel Luggage Good Accessory Design
Riutbag R15 Secure Laptop Backpack Good Accessory Design
Biologic Self-Transforming Biological Skin Good Textile Design Design
Architech Footwear Good Footwear Design

WDC Tender Consultancy Pricing

World’s leading design professionals will submit their design proposals and bids, based on the design brief and project budget we determine together with you during client interview. We will help you find a professional designer that is aligned with your design brief, business needs and requirements for a successful collaboration.

* WDC Design Tender Consultancy packages listed above do not include cost of designing, design rights, design services, cost of designing and the mediation fees which are based on project budget. Mediation Fee (MF) is based on Project budget. Macro %2 MF : € 94,995.95 and Micro %32 MF : € 449.95 packages available on demand : calculate.

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